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The fourth international conference open

August 24, the rare earth institute at the 2010 at the fourth international conference in million magnetic refrigeration, hotel opening. International refrigeration learn director-general didier library dragon, baotou, mayor Charlie and company general manager called at the meeting LiChunLong speeches. China re institutional secretary-general LinDongLu, the company directors ChaoLu and from, the U.S., Japan and Europe of more than 20 countries, nearly 140 international magnetic refrigeration association member, magnetic refrigeration technology experts, scholars and attention of magnetic refrigeration technology entrepreneurs attended the meeting. By international refrigeration institute opening chapter chairman Peter Iraq magnetic refrigeration, presided over dale gough.

        International conference room today is the magnetic refrigeration magnetic refrigeration bounded highest-level international conference, held two years. At the opening ceremony, the rare earth's dean, ZhaoZengQi represents the committee opening remarks. Didier & middot; Library of LongBoShi international refrigeration institute and magnetic refrigeration technology is briefly introduced. LiChunLong speech at the ceremony. He said that, as a high efficient, low consumption and no emission harmful gas with high technology, magnetic refrigeration low carbon economy requirements and broad prospect of application. After international researchers unremitting efforts, magnetic refrigeration technology from the laboratory to the cycle effectively shorten the industrialization. The meeting will be held on this one, the new technology of further perfecting and actual application play an important role in promoting.
        LiChunLong points out, the birth and development of steel rare-earth reserves from the world first, bayan obo ore. Relying on the baiyun obo ore baotou iron, rare earth resources rich with the wisdom of several generations with sweat, has become China's important one of the steel industry base and the biggest rare earth scientific research production base, can provide aerospace engineering, wind power, with rare earth permanent magnet magnetic refrigeration and hybrid cars with nimh batteries, energy-saving lamps with rare earth phosphor. At present, clad steel has completed the laboratory design of magnetic chiller, made of magnetic refrigeration practical at an important step. He said to the delegates and oil&gas close cooperation and jointly promote the including magnetic refrigeration, rare earth application has made new and greater progress.
        Call in darfur, said check speech after years of development, baotou has formed a more perfect rare-earth industry system, rare earth reserves, YingYongLiang and exports are mined, the world's first. Magnetic refrigeration technology to its high efficiency, energy-saving, environmental protection etc have broad application prospects. Baotou rare earth resources are unique, can for the magnetic refrigeration needed for industry provide ndfeb magnets, la gadolinium and provide sufficient rare earth materials etc. He sincerely welcomes experts put baotou as technology innovation and transformation of the achievements of the base, strengthen exchanges and cooperation, development projects, the development of industry, promote the realization of green refrigeration industrial development, and to benefit mankind and realizing the sustainable development to make due contributions.



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